Prayer to St Philomena

O glorious Saint Philomena
valiant martyr of Christ
chaste flower of virtue and grace
accept the humble prayer of those who
invoke your patronage and your powerful intercession
before the heart of the Most High.

Marvelous example of hope and fortitude,
faithful disciple of the Gospel,
obtain for us that your blood shed for the love of Jesus
mature the faith of our community
and preserve peace and serenity in the families devoted to you.

Docile and humble servant of the Lord
help us to thank God every day
for his benevolence
of a tender and merciful Father.

May your unwavering perseverance
sustain us in the trials of life
in sad moments and afflictions
and when we are tempted to shirk
from the loving guidance of the Holy Spirit.

You who have found strength and comfort
in the word of the divine Master
and in the Eucharist, his true body,
help us to hunger for the Bread of Heaven
and for every word that comes from the mouth of God.

You who innocently forgave those
have brought you torment and unspeakable pain,
make us merciful
towards those who bring us distress and suffering,
help us to preserve the bliss of meekness
and benevolence in our hearts.

Protect, O our patron, the children and youth.
Console the afflicted and the sick.
Encourage with the light of your martyrdom
the apostles of the Gospel and the witnesses of charity.

Revive the confidence of those who falter on the paths of goodness.

Intercede for peace and justice among peoples.
Obtain the light of truth for those who struggle in doubt.

And bring down upon us all the abundance
of divine graces.

Archbishop - Bishop of Nola
Monsignor Beniamino Depalma