• Altare che custodisce il corpo di Santa Filomena
    Altare di Santa Filomena Altare che custodisce il corpo di Santa Filomena
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The Shrine

The Shrine of Saint Philomena is the main Catholic place of worship in Mugnano del Cardinale, in the province of Avellino. Inside, the body of the virgin and martyr St. Philomena has been preserved since August 10, 1805. The shrine contains the Saint's tombstones, the Miraculous Altar , the Miraculous Statue, Pauline Jaricot's chair on which she was sitting when she received the miracle. It is one of nine shrines in the Diocese of Nola...

Saint Philomena

St. Philomena has been credited with countless miracles and many have asked for her intercession since the discovery of her tomb in the oldest catacombs of St. Priscilla in Rome in 1802. She is prayed by people of different ages, cultures and social positions all over the world. Numerous devotees have relied on her protection: the ailing Miss Pauline Marie Jaricot, founder of the "Propagation of the Faith" and beatified in Lyon on May 22, 2022; the young epileptic Giovanni Mastai Ferretti, who would become Pope under the name Pius IX, and later beatified; the timid priest John Mary Vianney, the holy curate of Ars, referred to by St. Pius X as the guarantor of St. Philomena.

All were perfectly healed of their diseases and made instruments of Divine Providence in the life of the Church, to the ends of the earth, including the Americas and the Indies.


formulated by Curè of Ars:  John Baptist Mary Vianney

The Beaters of Saint Philomena

The most significant date is 10 August each year, the day on which the martyrdom of St Philomena is commemorated. The protagonists of this festive ritual are the "beaters," faithful who undertake barefoot, a long journey of devotion to the Saint, continually tapping their feet on the ground in a rhythmic and cadenced manner. They wear, following tradition, white shirts and pants, representing purity; their bare feet and a red sash symbolize, instead, the martyrdom of St. Philomena.

Madonna of Graces

The Sanctuary was built in 1580-1600 in honor of the Madonna of Graces. On the high altar, there is the wooden statue of Saint Mary of Grace, the work of the Neapolitan Giacomo Colombo, dating back to the mid-eighteenth century.

“You who are full of thanks, sweet, courteous virgin, spread rays of goodness over our beautiful country”.

Your graces and your favors always pour out generously, on your faithful Mugnano, O Beautiful Mother of Mercy"